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Since 2011, We’ve Followed One Simple Rule:
Respect Our Customers

  • It’s Why We Install Unbreakable Products That Last You A Lifetime.
  • It’s Why We Do The Job Once, Do The Job Right, And Do The Job To Last Forever.
  • It’s Why We Treat You Like A Close Friend… NOT A Dollar Sign.

Because Remodeling Your Home Isn’t “Just A Job” To Us -
It’s A Pleasure And A Privilege.

Respect The Customer.

It’s the most important philosophy in the remodeling industry. If a company respects you, your home, and your money, they’ll build your remodel with superior products, high-quality craftsmanship, and great service. If a company doesn’t respect you, they probably won’t think twice about using shoddy materials, cutting corners, or treating you well.

We’ve heard so many remodeling horror stories from homeowners that it’s honesty disgusting. The home-improvement industry is full of contractors who want nothing more than to rush through the job, collect a check, and never hear from you again. This sounds harsh, but it’s the reality in this business.

We’re different. At Home Solutions, we RESPECT you, your home, and your money. That’s why we insist on providing a superior remodeling experience in every regard – from the installation to the materials to the warranties… and, yes, to the treatment of your home and family.

Here’s how:

Products That Last You A Lifetime.

Simply put, we refuse to sell junk. We install a very specific set of window, door, bathroom, and siding materials for a reason – they’re tested and proven to last for life. We know you’re investing a lot of hard-earned money in your remodel, so we insist on giving you true value for your dollar.

Beefy Warranties.

Our bathrooms come with a “No-Strings’ Lifetime Warranty and the Good Housekeeping Money-Back Guarantee. Our windows and doors come with a “Better than a Lifetime” 50-year warranty that covers twice that of standard “lifetime” warranties on most windows and doors. The bottom line is that we respect your home too much to fill our warranties with the normal fine print, exclusions, and “gotchas” so common in the remodeling industry.

Honesty: The ONLY Policy.

We’ll educate you on the best solution for YOUR home… even if you may not want to hear it. That’s because we’d rather see you get exactly what you need rather than try to sell you on something you don’t.

Here’s an example: We recently consulted with a homeowner about new windows. He wanted windows that didn’t “sweat” and had received estimates from four other companies. Every other company told him they could install windows that wouldn’t sweat.

We told him he’d been fed a line.

All windows sweat (even ours, which are as energy efficient as they come). The homeowner’s real problem was the humidity in his home. So instead of selling him on new windows, we educated him on the best way to get rid of his humidity issues and referred him to a trusted local expert.

The homeowner could easily have dismissed our advice and went with a company that guaranteed him “no-sweat” windows that (emptily) promised to fix his problem. Instead, the homeowner took our advice about eliminating his humidity problem – and chose us to install new windows on top of that.

When we asked why he chose us over the other companies who promised to fix his problem with their windows, he said we were the only ones that were honest with him. Sure, we got a job out of this. But we’d have been just as happy if the homeowner DIDN’T choose us because we had provided him with an HONEST assessment of how to fix his problem.

Sales Pressured Is Outlawed.

As part of being completely upfront and honest, we take a firm “Customer-Education, Zero-Solicitation” approach to consultations. Unlike other companies who will twist your arm for hours on end, we educate you on the best solution for YOUR needs and budget… even if it costs us a sale.

In fact, we once fired a guy who was too pushy during consultations. He made our customers feel uncomfortable, which is something we simply WILL NOT tolerate.

Immaculate Installation.

We adhere to the philosophy of “Do It Once; Do It Right.” That’s why our crews are employees, not subcontractors. That’s why we have a dedicated team for every type of project. And that’s why we take on only one job at a time, perform complimentary inspections, and don’t consider it done until you have signed a Certificate of Completion.

What All This Boils Down To.

Our number-one priority is to make you happy and see that you get your money’s worth. And the key to providing that? Respect. We walk away from jobs where the customer is looking for cheap materials and a rush job, since we know it's not the best approach for them to take. We educate you on the best solution for your home, rather than sell you something you don’t need. And we NEVER think of your remodeling project as “just a job.” We consider it an honor and a privilege.

If we sound like the kind of contractor you want to work on your home, contact us today to schedule a no-cost, no-pressure consultation. We would be honored to hear from you.

The Home Solutions Team

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