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Home Solutions General FAQ’s

This is our general FAQ page. If you’re looking for a product-specific FAQ, click the following links:

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Why Should I Hire Home Solutions For My Remodeling Project?

We have a laser-beam focus on the details. Our customer service and project management creates a pleasant, stress-free remodeling experience. We install exclusive, superior materials, have dedicated in-house crews, back all of our work with a “No-Strings” Labor Warranties. To read more about why you should choose us, click here.

How Are Your Prices? Low? Medium? High?

We’ll be the first to admit that we may not be the cheapest company around. But we also know that the most expensive job is the one that’s done twice. Our customers are the type who understand that and know that a superior job costs a little extra up front. With us, you pay for QUALITY work done right the first time. So if you want a fast, cheap, cookie cutter project that you’ll need repaired within a few months, call a fast, cheap, cookie-cutter contractor. If you want absolute, unqualified perfection and peace of mind, contact us.

How Long Are Your Warranties?

We have a Lifetime Labor Warranty on our bathrooms and a “Better than a Lifetime” 50-Year Labor Warranty on our windows and doors. Our warranty is unrestricted and covers every problem, defect, or dilemma. No fine print. No service charges. No “gotchas.”

Do You Use Subcontractors Or In-House Employees?

All of our craftsmen are trained employees – we never hire subcontractors or day laborers. We have crews dedicated to each service that we offer. That means our window crew does only windows, our door crew does only doors, our bathroom crew does only bathrooms, and so on. This ensures you get the highest quality craftsmanship, and that your project is done once and done RIGHT.

Do You Use High-Pressure Sales Tactics?

No; in fact, we’ve fired salesmen in the past that have applied pressure to our customers. That’s how strongly we are against it. Our consultations are 100% educational, 0% arm twisting. Rather than trying to get you to buy everything under the sun, we prefer to help guide you toward the best solution for your needs and budget.

How Will You Treat My Home During My Project?

We go to great lengths to protect your belongings during construction, perform three daily cleanups of the job site, and are completely courteous and respectful to you and your home. We specialize in stress-FREE remodeling.

If I Have A Question Or Need Something, How Can You Assist Me?

We make ourselves available to our customers as much as possible. You will never feel like you are in the dark when you hire us. We believe client communication is one of the most important aspects of a remodeling project.

Do You Offer Financing?

Yes, we offer flexible financing that makes your project payments easily fit within a range that’s comfortable for you. Contact us today to discuss payment options.

Do You Offer Free Estimates?

Yes. We do all estimates in-person to give you a 100% accurate quote. We don’t play guessing games with you. When we tell you how much it’s going to cost, that’s how much it’s going to cost. We prepare a professional estimate for you, in writing, specifically detailing what needs to be done, when it can be done and how much it will cost. If you’re interested in an estimate, contact us today.

Questions? Need More Information?

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