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We REFUSE To Install Anything But The Most

Durable, Indestructible, Permanent, Strongest, Longest-Lasting,
Secure, Safe, Protected, Unbending, Unbreakable,
Rigid, Unmovable, Robust, Stout, Solid, Tough, Sturdy,

Heavy-Duty Products Available On The Market.

Our Windows Are Literally Indestructible.
Our Doors Are Battering-Ram Tough.
Our Bathrooms Are Armageddon-Proof.

The Pledge of Customer


ZERO Sales Pressure. We’ve fired guys who have pressured our customers. That’s how strongly we feel about it.

Common Courtesy. We show up when we say we will, we’re always respectful, and we clean up our messes three times a day.

Make It Right. We’re not 100% perfect. But we always make everything 100% right 100% of the time.

Seasoned Pros. Our veteran installers are employees (not subcontractors) with over 120 years combined experience.

Honesty—The Only Policy. We talk homeowners out of bad decisions and lead them to the RIGHT one—even if it costs us.

...With Complete Satisfaction For ALL.

Don’t Settle For “Cheap.”
Don’t Accept “Long Lasting.”
Don’t Be Satisfied With “Good Enough.”

If You Want The Absolute, Unqualified Best—Call Home Solutions.

“Do It Once; Do It Right.” It’s our governing philosophy bitcoin trading app south africa that extends to every single facet of everything we do, including the following:


Yes, our products look fantastic. Yes, our windows and doors are energy efficient. The difference is we use the flat-out toughest, longest-lasting, most durable materials on the market.

For example, we install the only window that comes with a heavy-duty locking system (called the “Q-IV”) that makes break-ins virtually impossible. We have one of the only residential doors that use the strongest-grade lock usually reserved for banks. (Check out the Battering-Ram Test to see just how indestructible our doors are.) And our Guaranteed-For-Life bathroom materials come from the only bathroom company to earn the coveted “Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval.”


We allow each of our crews to work on only one type of project. We don’t let bathroom installers install windows, and we don’t let window installers remodel your bathroom. No matter what project you need, you’ll get in-house specialists (no subcontractors) who have mastered their specific craft. To further ensure quality, each crew completes just one job at a time. The only way they can move to the next job is after YOU sign a Certificate Of Completion stating you’re satisfied.


Never worry. Period. Our bathrooms come with an Unrestricted Lifetime Warranty. And while many companies offer a lifetime guarantee on windows and doors, they are usually crammed with exclusions and loopholes. Our 50-Year Window & Door Warranty beats the pants off these “lifetime” warranties. No exclusions. No loopholes. No BS.


There are lots of contractors who say they can do your project for less money. And you know what? They’re right. That’s the wrap they’ve chosen. Like everything in life, there are guys that do it for more money, and there are guys that do it for less. We don’t charge “a lot of money”— we charge the amount it takes to do the job right.

So if you’re looking for long-term solutions that are unbreakable, heavy-duty, unbending, and permanent, contact us.

Because “Do It Once; Do It Right” is not just a slogan—it’s our iron-clad promise.