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Surprises, Presents And Birthday Parties? Good.

Surprise Additional Charges After
You’ve Received An Estimate? Bad.

We Offer 100% Firm, Accurate, Iron-Clad Estimates
For Homeowners Who Hate Surprises.

Know Exactly What You’re Getting.
Know Exactly How Much It Will Cost.
Know Exactly Why You Choose The Right Contractor.

Let’s be honest: Most remodeling estimates are like moving targets. The estimate you receive at the time of your consultation is usually nothing but an “educated guess” on the contractor’s part.

By the time he starts construction, don’t be surprised to hear things like “This is going to cost a little more than I expected” or “I didn’t anticipate (x, y, or z) when I drew up your original quote.” Many contractors just don’t have the resources, expertise, and experience to figure out the cost of your project on the front end.

We’re different.

We Don’t Do “Flimsy” Estimates.

We perform ALL estimates in person to give you a 100% accurate, ironclad quote, and work within your budget to ensure you get the remodel you want.

Just as important, we want to start building a good relationship with you immediately. Honestly, product is product. What sets us apart is our service, honesty, and expertise. We want you to get to know us during your estimate, so you can be absolutely sure we’re the perfect company for your remodeling project.

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