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Bristol Doors:
Battering-Ram Tested. Police-Officer Approved.

  • “Bank-Strength” Locks Make Break-Ins Virtually Impossible.
  • Made With Such Tough Material That A Police-Grade Battering Ram Can’t Make It Budge.
  • Requires Almost Zero Upkeep To Last A Lifetime.

Plus: Out Of Hundreds Of Pennsylvania Contractors, The Company That Manufactures These Doors Trusts Only Us To Install Their Doors To Their Extremely Strict, Exacting Standards.

Let’s face it: It’s easy find a door that looks good, has high marks in energy efficiency, and suits your style. Just about any contractor can give you that

It’s much harder, though, to find a great looking, energy-efficient door you can absolutely count on to protect your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

And that’s where we come in.

We’re the only company in Pennsylvania that installs the “Fort Knox” of doors. They’re called Bristol doors, and they are made by a company in Saltsburg, PA called Winchester. The interesting thing about Winchester is that they are tremendously careful about maintaining their reputation and extremely picky about who installs their products. In fact, the company flat-out turns away contractors (with cash-inhand!) if those contractors do not have a pristine, immaculate installation record. If you wanted to purchase a door directly from Bristol and install it yourself, they’d refuse – they ONLY allow contractors with the best reputations to install their doors.

That’s because these doors truly are the “Cream of the Crop” in every single area that matters – looks, energy efficiency, durability… and especially security. Here’s why Bristol doors are the last doors you’ll EVER need:

Harder To Break Into Than Fort Knox. (Seriously.)

Bristol doors come with unique, extraordinary security features that protect your home from break-ins. Most residential doors use an ANSI-3 lock, which the American National Standards Institute considers the minimal acceptable quality for a residential lock. Bristol doors, however, are one of the only residential doors with an ANSI-1 deadbolt lock – the strongestgrade lock usually reserved for national banks and Wall Street.

An ultra heavy-duty metal plate behind the hinges prevents Bristol doors from EVER being kicked in by an ordinary burglar. Check this out: Police officers tested Bristol doors and other door brands by hammering into them with a police-grade battering ram. All of the doors blew out in one hit… except the Bristol door. It took the police 11 full-force blows from the battering ram for the Bristol door to budge. ELEVEN.

On top of these max-level security features, Our doors are made of mega-durable insulated steel or fiberglass and have the highest fire safety rating in the country. The bottom line: You have total, utter, complete peace-of-mind when you have a Bristol door protecting your home.

The Beautiful Look Of Wood…
With NO Wood-Related Maintenance Hassles.

Bristol doors look like genuine, authentic wood – but don’t require the constant upkeep of wood doors. Unlike wood doors, our steel and fiberglass doors will never decompose, warp, rot, shrink, or swell. You’ll never have to sand, scrape, paint, or stain Bristol doors, either; in fact, once they're installed, you never have to worry about them AGAIN. Period.

We Have The Only Installation Process
In Pennsylvania Worthy Of Bristol Doors.

For door installation, most contractors do a simple “Rip & Replace.” They’ll take out your old door and put a new door in your existing frame, even if the frame is in poor condition. This leads to a door that isn’t tightly fit, resulting in poor insulation and security.

We’re different. We “start fresh” on every door project and replace your existing frame with a special, heavy-duty frame from Bristol. This frame not only allows for superior insulation, but maximum, “Alcatraz-Level” security. Our door-installation method cuts your energy costs, keeps your home a comfortable temperature year-round, and ensures you’re fully protected. Our meticulous installation is why we’re the only company in the area that is allowed to install Bristol doors.

To make absolutely sure the job is done right the first time, our door-installation specialists take on only one job at a time. To move on to the next job, you have to sign a Certificate Of Completion stating you’re satisfied with our work. It’s the only way to guarantee you get exactly what you want and virtually eliminates the need for us to ever come back and fix something.

The Bottom Line.

Sure, you could purchase cheaper doors than what we install. That’s a decision you’re free to make. But by “going cheap,” be prepared to actually spend more money down the line in service calls, poor energy efficiency, and the door isn’t tough enough to last more than a few years. Not to mention you make your home more susceptible to break-ins by choosing a cheap, lowsecurity- level door.

Our doors, on the other hand, offer the highest security, the greatest energy efficiency, and pay for themselves many times over.

So if you’re shopping around for new doors – and you want something that will protect your home, cut your energy costs, look stunning, and last a lifetime – contact us. We can schedule a convenient time for a no-cost, no-obligation, no-pressure consultation. Our quotes are firm, iron-clad, and accurate; our approach to consultations is “100% Customer Education, 0% Solicitation.”

So give us a call today. We’d be honored to discuss your door project with you.

Looking For Patio Doors?

In addition to our high-security, mega-durable entry doors, we also install beautiful French and Sliding doors from Bristol. Our patio doors come with triple glass and high-end glazing options for amazing energy efficiency. And not only do our patio doors look stunning, they are completely reinforced for a LIFETIME of outstanding performance.

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