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When It Comes To Siding,
We Don’t Just Slap Some Planks On
Your Home And Call It Good.

We Perform A Full Siding Facelift That
Looks Fantastic, Fits Your Style, And Lasts For Life.

Not The Typical “Slapdash” Siding Job: We Take Steps Other Contractors Don’t To Ensure Your Project Is Done Once… And Done Forever.

Choose Your Siding: Vinyl, Steel, Fiber Cement, Acrylic, Insulated…
If It’s On The Market, We Can Install It.

Design “Brainstorm” Sessions: Our Expert Designers Will Help You Decide The Perfect Color, Style, And Accents For Your Home & Budget.

If you’re looking for siding – and you want elite craftsmanship, industry-leading products, and renowned service – you’ve come to the right place.

We don’t just stick new siding on your house. We provide your home with a Full Exterior Facelift that includes the most methodical siding-installation process in Pennsylvania, 100% freedom to choose the siding you want, and design assistance to further revitalize the exterior of your home.

Take a look at how we deliver the most complete siding project in the area:

Utterly Thorough, Utterly Meticulous Installation.

Let’s face it: A “normal” siding job from a “normal” contractor usually consists of tearing off your old siding and slapping up some new boards. But if you have rotted wood underneath your siding, sticking new siding over top of it is like putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound – it’s a temporary, lazy fix to a much bigger problem.

We take the time to reseal your windows and doors, inspect the area underneath your siding, and replace any rotted wood underneath that can cause water damage to your home. By fixing these extra potential problems, our process ensures you get a siding project that lasts for life.

Plus, unlike those “Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None” contractors that do siding, roofing, windows, bathrooms, kitchens, and every other project under the sun, we have a specialized crew that does siding – and ONLY siding – day in and day out. They take on only one siding project at a time and don’t move on until you sign a Certificate Of Completion when you’re 100% satisfied with the work.

And let’s talk about the appearance problem that plagues most siding – seams. When most contractors cut the siding to fit your home, they use the extra “waste” pieces between your windows and other small areas. This creates a ton of seams in the siding, making the whole project look unprofessional and – to be honest – pretty embarrassing for the homeowner.

We, on the other hand, use only full siding pieces on every inch of your home. Our process creates a fantastic seamless exterior that you’re proud to show off to your neighbors and friends.

Choose From Any Siding Under The Sun.

Unlike some contractors, we aren’t tied down to a certain company. That leaves us free to install whatever siding we – and YOU – want.

If you want insulated vinyl siding, we can do that. If you’re looking for steel siding, we can oblige. If you’re in the market for James Hardie fiber cement siding, we can make it happen. Our siding specialists know how to install every type of siding on the market with expert craftsmanship. So whatever siding material you need, whatever color you want… the choice is completely up to YOU.

Design Assistance For That Extra “POP.”

We’re one of the only contractors in the area that offers design services for your siding project. Our design professionals will brainstorm ideas with you to figure out the EXACT right style, material, and color for your siding project. Then they’ll help you discover ways to further augment your siding project by providing aesthetic ideas like stone accenting, ways to enhance the look of your eaves, and more. All while considering your budget and what YOU want from your siding project.

Need New Siding? Here’s What To Do Next:

If you’re looking for more than the typical “slapdash” siding job, contact us today. We can schedule a convenient time for a no-cost, no-obligation, no-pressure consultation. Our quotes are firm, iron-clad, and accurate. We would be honored to discuss your siding project with you.

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