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Our Windows Aren’t “Safe”:
They’re “Alcatraz-Grade, Burglar-Repellant” Secure.

Our Windows Aren’t “Durable”:
They’re “Armageddon-Proof, Fort-Knox” Tough.

Our Windows Aren’t “Energy Efficient”:
They’re Air-Tight, “Ziploc-Bag” Vacuumed Sealed.

And Our Installation?

It’s Not “Good” – It’s “100% Thorough, Utterly Meticulous, Painstakingly Exacting, Leave No Stone Unturned” GREAT.

Let’s face it: There are hundreds of window brands out there, and most offer at least adequate energy efficiency, security, and durability.

The problem here is the words “at least.” We prefer the phrase “the utmost” – as in “the utmost” energy efficiency, “the utmost” security, and “the utmost” durability.

That’s why we install the only window that specializes in the utmost.

Introducing the Bristol Window. In head-to-head tests, it beat every other window in every category that matters: energy efficiency, security, looks, and durability. Here are 4 ways the Bristol Window will benefit you:

You’re Protected.

One of the biggest things that set a Bristol Window apart from other windows is its unmatched security features. The crown jewel of these security features is the Q-IV Locking System. Other windows’ “security” features usually consist of a half inch screw fastened into the flimsy plastic frame in the window – in other words, a security system that makes your window scream, “Please break into me!”

The Q-IV Locking System, on the other hand, consists of heavy-duty steel deadbolts and metal security rods the size of ink pens. The locking mechanism can only be accessed from the inside, so intruders have NO WAY to unlock your windows from the outside.

To add further layers of protection, Bristol Windows are made of ultra-durable High Density Reinforcement materials. That makes Bristol Windows stronger and more impenetrable than wood windows, aluminum windows, and ordinary vinyl windows.

You’re Saving Money.

Almost all windows use Argon gas in between the glass for insulation. Sure, Argon gas does a decent job. But “decent” is not in our vocabulary when it comes to windows.

Bristol Windows use a special proprietary gas mixture called Alpha 10. Alpha 10 is much denser than Argon, so it transfers a lot less heat and cold than Argon does. This makes for better insulation, more comfortable temperatures in your home, and low energy bills. And since Winchester (the company that manufactures Bristol Windows) created this gas mixture themselves, no other window company on the planet is using it.

To add further insulation, all Bristol Windows are triple-paned for maximum energy efficiency. Most window manufacturers – including heavy-hitters like Andersen – offer only double-paned windows. And, sure, double-paned windows are pretty good insulators. But again, we don’t do “pretty good” and “decent.” We specialize in “amazing,” “superior,” “pinnacle,” and “premier.”

And let’s talk for a second about weather stripping. 99% of windows are sealed with standard weather stripping, which is basically just cheap rubber. Weather stripping gets matted down and loses its effectiveness in as quickly as 6 months. Bristol Windows are the only windows that come with special Wind Jammers.

Wind Jammers are moveable pieces adhered to the inside of the vertical sash rails in the window. They expand into the opening when the sash is closed to create an airtight barrier. Wind Jammer last over 50 years to guarantee a lifetime of thermal performance.

All of these unique energy-efficiency features create a window that is light years beyond current Energy Star requirements.

You’re Stylin’.

Every single Bristol Window is custom built to your home’s measurements by elite, highly trained craftsmen. And we can install any type of window you need: double hung, sliding, casement, awning, bay/bow, picture, circle top and eyebrow, and garden windows.

Bristol Windows come in dozens of deep, rich colors that will look fantastic on your home. And the great part is that these windows have taken a dip in the Eternal Fountain of Youth: they never need painting, will never chip or peel, and will never lose their looks. Ever. Click here to check out our window gallery and see how great our windows look.

You’re Done Window Shopping… For Life.

Bristol Windows are designed to be the last windows you ever need. They require almost zero maintenance and are built with High Density Reinforced vinyl that lasts a lifetime. Bristol Windows are also backed by a 50-year transferable warranty and 50-year Home Security Guarantee that will match your deductible up to $500 for any forced entry during that time. When you have Bristol Windows, you have total peace of mind.

Only Available At Home Solutions.

We’re the only company in the area that Winchester allows to install their Bristol Windows. Winchester goes to great lengths to preserve their renowned reputation for quality, so they are extremely picky about who they choose to do business with.

In fact, Bristol flat-out turns away contractors (with cash-in-hand!) if those contractors do not have a pristine, immaculate installation record. If you wanted to purchase windows directly from them, they’d actually refuse your money! So when we say we’re the only Pennsylvania contractor that can install Bristol Windows, that’s not a statement to take lightly.

To make absolutely sure the job is done right the first time, our window-installation specialists take on only one job at a time. To move on to the next job, you have to sign a Certificate Of Completion stating you’re satisfied with our work. It’s the only way to guarantee you get exactly what you want and virtually eliminates the need for us to ever come back and fix something.

Here’s What To Do Next.

If you’re interested in new windows – and your top priorities are security, looks, energy efficiency, and durability – we have the perfect window for you. Contact us today, so we can schedule a convenient time for a no-cost, no-obligation, no-pressure consultation. Our quotes are accurate; our consultations are free of sales pressure. We would be honored to discuss your window project with you.

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