Home Solutions LLC offers stylish, low-maintenance and affordable bath products that transform an old bath into a beautiful, safe retreat you will love.

Meeting Your Needs
Tub-to-Shower Conversions
Low-Barrier Showers
Walk-in Bathtubs
Seating Solutions
Safety Grab Bars
Finishing Touches – Fixtures, Colors, Patterns and Accessories

Our consultants are trained to assess your current needs, determine your future needs and provide a bathroom design that is safe, affordable, attractive and functional.

Home Solutions LLC offers the whole package, we carry a wide selection of colors, patterns and styles to make any bath comfortable, functional and stylish.

Tub-To-Shower Conversions
Converting an existing tub opening to a shower is a great solution and it’s safer for you. The old bath tub is removed, any necessary repairs are made and a shower base with a triple sealed wall surround takes its place. Shower installations takes as little as one day.

tub to shower conversion

tub to shower conversion 2

Low-Barrier Showers
Acrylic Low-Barrier Shower Bases offer the highest quality and most reliable low-barrier shower bases in the industry. Our low-barrier shower bases are made with specifications for easy access to the shower by individuals with disabilities or limited mobility.

Low barrier shower

low barrier shower 2

Walk-in Bathtubs
Choose from a luxurious soaking tub, whirlpool, air spa, or combination whirlpool/air spa. Other options include: whirlpool heater, hand shower slide bar, chromatherapy, neck rest and quick drain, which empties the tub in less than two minutes.

walk in tub

walk in tub 2

Seating Solutions
The seats provide a convenient, sturdy and stylish seating area in the shower. We offer sleek acrylic corner seats, fold-down padded seats, ergonomic bench seats and portable bench seats, available in a variety of colors to match your shower base. We also offer fold-down teak wood seats. All our seats are custom made.

corner seat

teak wood seat

Safety Grab Bars
Stay safe with sturdy, easy to hold grab bars of various styles and finishes. Available in straight or angled, with metal accent rings and acrylic or metallic finishes.

grab bar 2

grab bar

Finishing Touches
We offer a several items to complete your new stylish bath, bath trim kits, curved shower rods, corner caddies, soap dishes, wainscot, window trim kit…. all in a variety of colors and finishes.

shower tower

soap dish