Our Insulation Booster is designed to supplement your existing insulation and dramatically cut energy loss year round. More than 45% of an average home’s wasted energy is lost through the attic, mostly via radiant transfer. Ordinary insulation does little to stop radiant transfer, but Insulation Booster cuts it by 97% – making it one of the best ways to lower your cost of home ownership.

Ordinary mass insulation like fiberglass or cellulose is a good start toward making your home energy efficient. But once this insulation tops your attic joists, adding more of the same delivers diminishing returns. Mass insulation slows convective and conductive heat transfer, but it does little to stop radiant transfer, the principal cause of home energy loss. Insulation Booster works to supplement the insulation already in your attic by stopping radiant heat transfer.

Insulation Booster was developed by a pioneer in the field of reflective insulation. It has passed the most demanding performance and safety tests for use as insulation in attics, under concrete slabs, in crawl spaces and as a house wrap under siding. Its patented manufacturing process makes possible the Lifetime Warranty. It was developed in America and every square inch is manufactured in the United States by American workers. Insulation Booster is unique. It’s the only reflective insulation that uses a patented process to heat weld highly reflective aluminum sheets to both sides of a closed-cell polyethylene core. The result delivers R-11 protection against convective and conductive heat transfer in your attic – and blocks 97% of radiant heat transfer. It delivers unmatched performance, winter and summer. No other product comes close.

During your free in-home energy audit, a representative from Home Solutions LLC will assess your insulation needs and give you a firm quotation and an assessment of how long it will take for Insulation Booster to pay for itself with energy savings in your home.