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Why Choose Home Solutions?
“Cream-Of-The-Crop” Craftsmanship

“Do It Once; Do It Right.”

It’s Not Just A Cute Slogan.
It’s Our Unwavering Pledge To Our Customers.

  • We Take On Only One Job At A Time… Your Project Is Our ONLY Priority.
  • Our Elite, In-House Craftsmen Have Over 120 Years Of Combined Experience.
  • We Don’t Move On To The Next Project Until YOU Sign A Certificate Of Satisfaction.

Let’s face it: there are a lot of remodeling companies you can choose from. The problem, though, is that 99% of these companies have just one priority: MONEY.

Performing work on one of the most important things in your life (your home) is a task NO contractor should take lightly… yet most do. We’re perfectionists because we respect your home, your time, and your money. We’re always honored when homeowners choose us for their home-improvement projects.

We want to show you the lengths we go to in order to ensure your project is done right the first time, and that you’re completely satisfied with our work.

Dedicated In-House Crews.

Would you want a heart surgeon to remove your tonsils? Would you want a brain surgeon tinkering with your heart? Of course not.

The same goes for remodeling. There is no such thing as a surgeon who has mastered every type of surgery – a surgeon focuses on only one area. The same goes for quality installers. If a guy does windows, bathrooms, kitchens, siding, roofing, then guess what? He might be okay at them… but he’s not great at ANY of them.

We have multiple in-house installation crews that have over 120 years of combined experience (no inexperienced subcontractors allowed). Each crew is dedicated to one – and only one – type of project. Our window crew does only windows, our door crew does only doors, our bathroom crew does only bathrooms, and so on. Each crew takes on only one job at a time, and the only way they can move to the next job is after YOU sign a Certificate Of Completion stating you’re satisfied.

We Always Make Things Right.

We’re not saying we’re perfect. But we rarely make mistakes, and fix them for free when we do. (Check out our Bulletproof Warranties for further proof.)

For example, we recently had a customer who ordered a door with a see-through window. Once we installed the door, she didn’t like the fact that she could see her garage through the door’s window.

Now, this is where most contractors would say, “Well, buy a different door from us then.” But we’re not like that. Even though this customer ordered exactly what she (initially) wanted, we did NOT make her pay for a new door. In fact, we did the opposite: We let her choose a new door, and we paid for it out of our own pocket. We took out the door she originally ordered and installed the new one at no extra charge.

This whole process cost us a few thousand dollars, but it was well worth it. Like we said, customer satisfaction and making things right is our NUMBER ONE priority. Period.

The Bottom Line

The examples we mentioned above are just some of what sets our installation apart from just about every other contractor in Pennsylvania. The fact is we obsess over the details to ensure you get the remodel you want. We respect your home too much to do otherwise.

If this sounds like the kind of contractor you want to handle your project, contact us today.

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