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Our Warranties Provide TRUE Protection,
TRUE Coverage & TRUE Peace Of Mind.

We offer the best warranties in the business – no question. Other companies like to talk about their “lifetime warranties” – but trust us, most of those have more holes in them than Swiss cheese. Our warranties have teeth. Bathrooms are guaranteed for life – period. Windows and doors are warranted for 50 years – period. No loopholes. No exclusions.

“Better than a Lifetime” 50-Year Window & Door Warranty

Many companies’ “lifetime warranties” on windows and doors are anything but. Most of these warranties do include service charges, trip charges, and charges upon charges upon charges you didn’t even know existed because they were written in such teeny-tiny print on the warranty. And not to mention the exclusions – many “lifetime warranties” won’t cover certain problems and are pro-rated.

Our “Better than a Lifetime” 50-Year Labor Warranty on windows and doors beats the pants of other companies’ lifetime warranties. No loopholes. No exclusions. No “gotchas.” We take care of any problem FREE OF CHARGE.

“No-Strings” Lifetime Bathroom Warranty

Plus: The Only Bathrooms With The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval Money-Back Guarantee.

We offer a “No-Strings” Lifetime Labor Warranty on all of our bathroom projects. What do we mean by “No Strings”? Well, most companies lead you to believe their warranties will cover any problem free of charge. But when you need something fixed, you’re often the victim of routine fine-print “gotchas” like exclusions, trip charges, and pro-rating.

We think that’s dishonest and just a plain bad way to do business. That’s why our Lifetime Labor Warranty covers EVERY problem, EVERY defect, EVERY dilemma – for FREE; for LIFE. Take a magnifying glass to our bathroom warranty – you won’t find one word of fine print anywhere. And that’s a promise.

In addition to our Lifetime Warranty on bathrooms, we also use the only bathroom materials on the planet with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. That means if any problem occurs within the first two years of your bathroom remodel, Good Housekeeping will refund your ENTIRE purchase.

Combine our Lifetime Warranty with the Good Housekeeping Money-Back Guarantee, and you have protection you can’t get from any other bathroom remodeler in Pennsylvania. Period.

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